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Unlock the Power of Inclusive Leadership:
A Transformative Workshop Experience

Discover the key to creating diverse and thriving teams 

Inclusive leadership is the driving force behind successful organizations in the 21st century. As businesses expand globally and workforces become more diverse, the ability to effectively lead and manage people with different perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences is crucial. Inclusive leadership is how we lead diverse teams. But what exactly do we mean by inclusive leadership and how do we become inclusive leaders?


This transformative fireside chat features Wisdom Tettey, Vice-President of the University of Toronto and Principal of the University of Toronto Scarborough and Michel Shah, Lead UpSkiller at UpSkill Community. You will gain strategies and insights you need to become an inclusive leader who can inspire and empower your team. Join us on May 11th, 7-8:30 PM EDT to unlock the true potential of your organization.

Thursday May 11th, 2023

7:00 - 8:30 PM (EDT)

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Inclusive Leadership increases the chances of success with a diverse team from 34% to 58%
(Gartner, 2019)

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Why Inclusive Leadership Matters

The impact of inclusive leadership goes beyond just creating a welcoming environment. It drives organizational success by tapping into the potential of every team member. Inclusive leaders are able to harness the power of diverse perspectives, leading to increased innovation, improved decision-making, and enhanced problem-solving. By attending this workshop, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the principles of inclusive leadership and learn practical strategies to help you create a more inclusive and high-performing team.

» Enhance decision-making with diverse perspectives

» Drive innovation through inclusive practices

» Foster a culture of collaboration and belonging

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Dispelling the Myths of Inclusive Leadership

Many people misunderstand what inclusive leadership is truly about. It's more than just ensuring representation or promoting diversity for its own sake. Inclusive leadership is about understanding, appreciating, and leveraging the unique strengths of each team member. During this workshop, we'll challenge common assumptions and misconceptions surrounding inclusive leadership, and guide you through the process of recognizing and overcoming the barriers that may be hindering your organization's growth.

Only 5% of leaders could be classified as inclusive today
(Korn Ferry, 2022)

Engaging in Uncomfortable but Crucial Conversations

Creating a truly inclusive environment requires engaging in open and sometimes uncomfortable conversations. This workshop will provide a safe space for exploring these important discussions, allowing you to address the challenges and opportunities that come with fostering inclusivity. By participating in this workshop, you'll not only gain valuable insights from renowned experts Michel Shah and Wisdom Tettey but also learn from the shared experiences of your fellow attendees.

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Inclusive organizations are 3.8 times more likely to improve the employee experience
(Source: Gartner)

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