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Your role as leader has changed so much. So much pressure, scrutiny and demands on your time. You have more to do and less time to do it. More is being asked of you with less support to get it done.


You have your core work to do. You have to ensure the well being of others. You have to innovate. You have to improve diversity and inclusion. New protocols, new policies, new contingencies. You have to do it all. And yes, you have to lead your team, help them develop skills to function in this uncertain business environment on top of it all.


It takes a lot to be an effective leader in this climate. Don't do it alone. Come join the community of leaders doing it together. We have found a better way to get it done and have fun doing it too. Let's UpSkill together.

What's Inside UpSkill Community

Experiences specifically designed to support greater effectiveness on your leadership journey.

Live Sessions: Weekly 

Delivery: In-Person, Live virtual and Online 

Discussion: Large group, small group, one-on-one interactions,  ongoing discussion forums and streamlined communication

Events: Events Calendar with a wide range of professional and social events including guest speakers

Environment: Learning Experiences designed with busy Leaders in mind

Hours of Operation: Open 24/7 online, live events based on the events calendar

Leadership Experience: A world class customized leadership experience you can't find anywhere else

Connection: Opportunities to collaborate with other leaders across industries

Contribution: Opportunities for leaders to contribute based on your area of expertise. Share feedback to improve the experience

Reciprocal Mentorship: Bring your strengths and insights, gain from the strengths and insights of others 

Pre and Post Program Support: No matter where you study, we will provide supports before during and after your programs so you can make the connections to your situation and gain the highest value from your learning.

You might say, "I am already an effective leader" or "I already know what I need to do to become one."

Many leaders label themselves "effective." But what exactly does that mean?

You are an effective leader if you are action and growth-oriented, you recognize you are a work in progress so you are constantly working on improving.




So much has changed in our world and it is ever-evolving. What it meant to be effective last year is not the same as this year and likely won't be the same next year or even next month. As this shift happens we sometimes don't realize the full scope of what is required to become an effective leader. 

We also forget that leadership effectiveness demands much more of us and changes with each person, each situation and over time. So just when you think you've got this, the target shifts and you have to do more to get to where you need to be.

New expectations, increasing emphasis on well-being, social justice and new ways of doing things are the order of the day. It's impossible for today's leader to be ready for everything in front of them. We need to collaborate to uncover new insights and strategies to better lead today. We need to become UpSkillers.

Today, leadership requires you to lead individuals and not just groups of people as homogenous units. You can't make any assumptions. You have to get to know individual needs and take a tailored approach. This requires you to build greater self-awareness, collaboration and perspective taking skills. It requires you to be attentive and adaptive. It requires you to be humble and interested in learning more deeply about others. It requires you to be empathetic and supportive of their well being and unique needs. It requires you to know your biases, know the gaps in the systems you are a part of and make efforts to address these blind spots. It requires you to be open about your committment to becoming a more effective leader - being willing to make mistakes, hold others accountable, challenge fixed ideas and lead change wherever you are.

This is a tough undertaking!

Only when you KNOW who you are and what you CAN do, what your limitations are, and what the long-term goal is, will you be able to enagage in meaningful collaboration that supports your journey to lead effectively.

Don't fool yourself. You can't know everything in a world where things are shifting so rapidly. Knowing this means we need to find the space where other leaders with the same challenges, working on the same goals, come together to share ideas, perspectives and experiences in order to get better together.

If you want to get ongoing support on your leadership journey, come inside UpSkill Community - you belong here!




You have been working on getting better as a leader. You have taken the necessary courses. Yet there are still so many things to unpack, still so many mistakes you are afraid of making. Things keep changing. As you get one thing right, something else pops up. So much to do! 


This is the right decision for you:


Come inside UpSkill Community. You can simply observe, listen, and absorb until you feel comfortable joining the conversations or participating in experiences and events. This is not a course. It is an opportunity to leverage your knowledge and previous learning to apply it to your particular situation. What does your learning mean in the current context? What is applicable? How can you use this information more effectively? What are the gaps you still have that courses can't fill by themselves. Come inside! Connect, learn and apply practical approaches while we have fun together. 

"That is what learning is. You suddenly understand something you’ve understood all your life, but in a new way” (Doris Lessing).

The key to BECOMING an EFFECTIVE LEADER is practice what you learn. Learning includes both self and shared learning.

And so to do that, you need a space to practice and sharpen your skills by reflecting on your practice and collaborating with others on the same journey. 


Being an effective leader doesn't happen overnight. It takes time, effort and support. It is a long distance journey.

It is difficult work and can be overwhelming if you try to go the distance alone. Leadership doesn't have to be a lonely journey. You belong here. At UpSkill Community we are all on this leadership journey together.

You are not alone!


During a leadership mentoring session, David shared that he "preferred not to say anything in some conversations because he doesn't want to say the wrong thing."


I asked, "How is that working out for you?"

He said, “I am not really sure, but I find it very frustrating and stressful.”


Leadership is a journey. There are indeed frustrating and stressful aspects but we don't need to get stuck there. Inside UpSkill Community leaders like David can gain meaningful insights, tips and other forms of support to feel more comfortable engaging.


There are  enjoyable and rewarding aspects of the leadership journey too! We keep learning, practicing and UpSkilling. We know we never ARRIVE, but that we are on a journey BECOMING more and more effective in our leadership. The leader who believes they are now effective and can stop becoming, will soon become ineffective in our shifting world.


That is why, together, we will reflect on deeper insights and question ourselves, to determine what we can do daily to be more effective in different contexts? Sign up to participate in this essential experience.

We at UpSkill Community take the friction, frustration, and confusion out of your UpSkilling journey. We provide carefully designed exploration, education, exposure, experimentation and experiences to support leaders to UpSkill.

We know that it is important to focus on the types of skills YOU want to improve, the ones which will help YOU achieve YOUR personal and professional goals. And to do that, we want to invite you on the inside if UpSkilling your leadership is an important goal for you. 


LEADERS who make the effort to become more effective are the only leaders that will survive and thrive in today’s uncertain world. That requires you to become a better version of yourself each day.

It may not be obvious to you whether or not you need what UpSkill Community offers. This is your chance to find out what you didnt realize you needed to know, and what you know that you aren't leveraging to grow.

Plus, you will not be alone. This is a journey that all of us are on - with struggles and triumps to share and learn from. 


If you’re serious about BECOMING an EFFECTIVE LEADER, join us on the inside of UpSkill Community and transform how you lead forever.

UpSkill Community is not for everyone. It's only for you if you truly care about becoming more effective in your leadership. 


Plus! Get access to events and experiences that will support your development in a fun way!

UpSkill Community offers experiences that will help you be the leader you dream of becoming. Don’t leave your leadership to chance. That's risky business. Let’s support your goals and your growth TODAY! Let’s take our leadership journey to the next level together! This is a PROVEN approach to UpSkill your leadership because you need to STOP leading the same way and expecting different results. 


Let’s get you the secret ingredients for Leadership Effectiveness in a work environment focused on well-being, social justice and hybrid work world. Even the BUSIEST leaders need space to UpSkill. Don’t forget you need to be registered to get inside to participate in special events and experiences that are designed just for you!

If you are ready to work with other leaders, use proven methods and tools to becoming an effective leader, click the button below to enter now! 

Who Is UpSkill Community For

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for leaders to Level Up.

  • Get clear on how your strengths serve you as a leader
  • Become more engaging, inclusive and empathetic
  • Level Up! Make Intercultural Communication the default

This is for you ONLY if you are serious about getting better and want a proven system and support to UpSkill your Leadership. 


Register now and get your FREE copy of UpSkill Top Tip's for Effective Leadership right away!

Meet your Community Leader


What others say about Michel: "Clear Effective Communicator, Enthusiatic, Engaging, Inspiring, Motivating, Supportive and Responsive." 

There is value in every bite!

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You belong here only if you are serious about getting better!

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Opportunities to network, share stories and participate in ongoing leadership discussions. It's practical, not theoretical.

Effective Programs and Conversations led by Experts

We leverage open innovation partnerships to access a range of experts to enhance the quality of our leadership conversations.

Engaging Experiences In Our Community

In-person and online sessions, discussion forums, activities and contests to develop skills, relationships and leadership.

A Completely Responsive Approach

We listen to you and pivot as necessary to provide what you need when you need it. That's the whole point of UpSkill Community.

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